The registration fee includes publication fee and participation fee, please choose the proper item for you and complete the registration before due date.



Registration Fee


450 USD

Authors (Students)

420 USD

Authors (Technical Committee Members)

380 USD


350 USD

Presenters (Students)

320 USD

Presenters (Technical Committee Members)

280 USD


250 USD

Liseners (Students)

220 USD

Listeners (Technical Committee Members)

180 USD

Extra Hard Copy of Conference Proceedings/Journal

100 USD per one copy


One regular registration is within FIVE Pages for publication in  Conference Proceedings, including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.  While for publication in journal, there is NO charge for extra pages.


Register as Listener

You're  simply required to fill out the Registration form for Listeners and send it to us via email before the registration deadline. We'll contact you after we review the form.



Register as Presenter (for abstract)

You need to submit the abstract of your paper to us before submission deadline. The conference committee will perform a brief review, and you'll be granted the chance to present your paper if it passes the review.



Register as  Author (for full paper)

You need to submit your full paper to us before submission deadline, which will enter the preliminary review and peer review system. And you'll be informed of the review status of your paper by the notification date. Then your paper will be published into the conference proceedings/journal if accepted, plus you'll be entitled to present your paper at the conference as well.